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Africans are Becoming more Americanized than Africanized - Says Young Ghanaian Poet, Gabriel Opare.

The 21-year old Ghanaian poet has written a poetry book named The Face Of Poverty Is Black & Other Poems, a script on the modern status-quo of dependency on western pop culture.

The book contains cosmically living words, painted with the zeal of color and effervescence.

It encompasses an assortment of subjects. It philosophizes about the pauperization of African tribal cultures in the face of American global supremacy. The book further touches on everyday subjects like love and romance, smile and betrayal, character and ironically, poetry. Historical themes like the french revolution and modern topics like climate change are not left out. The words in this book are nothing short of thought-provoking.

The poet Gabriel Opare thinks the ethnic cultures of Africa are depreciating with every new trend popularized by American pop culture. Under the most threat is oral tradition. In the “internet age”, parents don’t talk to their children as much (and as well) as they used to. This is having serious consequences in Africa as oral tradition and ethnic histories are being watered down and social identities are being reconstructed by western standards.

Because of the decline in oral tradition, a growing number children don’t learn the language of their hometowns or know the histories of their ethnicities etc. African cultures are slowly creeping towards a dangerous detrition.

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