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The Same People who turned Libya into a Slave Market now cheer for #BlackLivesMatter.

Politicians in the US and Europe have been offering their solidarity to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Despite the fact that those same politicians were responsible for Libya descending into slave trading, and chaos. Ironic, huh?

Barack Obama himself admitted that Libya was the 'worst mistake' of his presidency. Since the murder of Gaddafi Libya descended into a black slave industry, ruled by rival militias vying for power.

"The responsibility is on Barack Obama's administration," Alan J. Kuperman, associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, told Newsweek. "He made the decision to overthrow Gaddafi."

Hilary Clinton, Obama's secretary of state who once said she has 'no regrets about Libya', is also voicing solidarity with the #BLM movement.

Human rights violations—including the Libyan slave trade revealed in a CNN investigation—are a result of U.S. interference, according to experts. CNN released a video of migrants being sold for about $400 in an auction, though there have been accounts of slaves being sold for as little as $200.

There were also reports of a human body parts market being discovered in Libya, where kidney costs as cheap as $ 262,000, the heart costs $ 119,000 and the liver costs $ 157,000.

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