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Tackling Political, Economic and Social issues, Ghana's WCNA vows to create a better Africa.

Over the Years the narrative about Africa has been one that most people find inappropriate and ridiculous.

In Recent times we have seen a lot of people say Africa is on the Rise , Africa is on the Rise.

The Question is , Is Africa really Rising ?

Today , the Africa we want can only be achieved when countries , organizations and communities learn to come together to resolve their problems and offer mutual support to one another.

We must know our worth as Africans, our worth is not in what we have individually but in what we can continuously add as a people. Africa must just believe , change is coming.

World Changers Network Africa is here to help contribute to that.

What is World Changers Network Africa (WCNA)?

This is an African network that seeks to break through the borders of the world with the aim of touching , adding value and creating a change.

Based in Accra, Ghana, World Changers Network Africa already has partners in countries like Zambia , Kenya , Malawi , South Africa, Rwanda and counting.

WCNA have a vision of creating a better Africa, a world that is better than the one we are experiencing now and their mission is taking smaller steps into building momentum that can carry a universe where Africa can believe that it has awesome potentials within its people and can put them to use.

WCNA will contribute in solving,

  1. Political issues

  2. Economic issues

  3. Social issues

1. Political Issues :

WCNA will ensure that it helps in solving issues related to government or public affairs of countries here in Africa by seeing to it that citizens see the need to abide by the laws of their country and also every decision made by the government is for the development and growth of it and nothing else.

2. Economic Issues :

WCNA will make sure it comes up with exciting policies to depreciate unemployment , to help build systems that will assist in eradicating poverty and to build a better education facility for countries here in Africa.

3. Social Issues :

Build policies to secure our food and ensure that our farmers have good incentives to motivate plant growth as well as bridge the gap between different tribes making them understand we are all one people to help abolish civil wars.

Africa is the new world.

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