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Mike Tyson says guests are invited to take as much marijuana as they want at his vacation ranch.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson revealed he smokes $40,000 worth of pot every month, around ten tons of weed.

The 52-year-old also sells around $500,000 worth of cannabis each month from his 420-acre ranch in California, he said on his Hotboxin' podcast.

'I can't believe we're doing this,' Tyson told his co-hosts, 'I can't believe I'm talking, smoking on a f***ing podcast.'

The fighter has bold plans for his Tyson Ranch, a playground for stoners which will feature a luxury hotel and golf course.  

Tyson pictured above on the massive ranch that broke ground in 2017 and is yet to be built.

The ranch broke ground in December 2017 but is yet to be fully built and as well as the hotel, there will be glamping tents, a lazy river that will take a full hour to cross, and an amphitheater for concerts.

There will even be a Tyson University to teach cannabis-cultivation techniques to future farmers.

'I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no-brainer,' Tyson said on the business venture to Cannabis Tech Today. 

He has broken ground on the Tyson Ranch near Desert Hot Springs that will include a luxury hotel, glamping tents, the longest lazy river in the word, and a music festival venue (a rendering for the resort pictured above)

Following Tyson's boxing career he endured years of substance abuse and he says cannabis helped him come out of his rut. 

'It changed his life. He's the perfect person,' Tyson's business partner Rob Hickman said on their partnership in an interview with GQ.  

Tyson says the vision is to educate and engage the public in the healing properties of cannabis and CBD.

Attendants will be allowed to smoke anywhere in the park, except for areas where liquor is sold.

Despite becoming the head of a weed empire, Tyson doesn't actually grow or produce any of the marijuana himself. 

Instead, it's all sourced and inspected to reach his high standards and is given Tyson's seal of approval.

He sells an array of high-grade strains and marijuana merchandise such as this grinder and tray.

His strains must be cultivated indoors, harvested based on maturity, cured over 30 days to ensure natural flavornoids, naturally derived, hand trimmed, pesticide-free and lab tested, according to the Tyson Holistic website.

'We're not burdened with bad crops. We're not burdened with legalities. We're selling paper, packaging, and market share,' Hickman said. 

Tyson's put his lucrative name on various strains of marijuana, expanded into CBD dog treats, and hemp-oil muscle rub. 

Though the resort is yet to fully come to life, Tyson has already rolled out music festivals at the site.

In February hundreds of people gathered outside Palm Springs on the site of the resort for the inaugural Kind Festival where Miguel and A$AP Ferg performed.

Revelers enjoyed smoking weed with Tyson, the music, and had a taste of what the future ranch would host.

Source: DailMail

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