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Kunyaza, the African Sexual Technique that holds the secret to Female Ejaculation.

A unique technique that heals & orgasmically sends the woman high into sensual heaven.

India’s ancient texts and traditions give us access to sexual wholeness and power. But India isn’t the only place with prowess in the sensual arts. Mother Africa has deep insight into our physicality, too. In some circles, the men of Uganda and Rwanda are talked about in near-legendary terms because of a very special thing they do with their penis - that, orgasmically, sends the most grounded woman high into orbit.

For men in Rwanda, a country in Central Africa, there is something divine about orgasm and female ejaculation. Making a woman come is a matter of honor and masculinity. "If the man does not let water spring, he will feel frustrated and the woman, offended," says one of the real characters in the French documentary Sacred Water (2016). It is not by chance that this sexual technique called “Kachabali” in Uganda and "Kunyaza" in Rwanda has spread over generations.

This African sex technique uses the penis head, rather than fingers, to massage the clitoris, labia and vaginal opening with circular, up-and-down and side-to-side motions. The vagina is also tapped or slapped rapidly, while he holds his shaft like a flashlight, between his thumb and fingers.

When touched this way, many women experience multiple, squirting orgasms. Even the 80% of women who have difficulty with vaginal orgasms find that the clitoral stimulation Kachabali/Kunyaza provides wakes up all the pleasure centers between her legs:

“Almost all genital erogenous zones of the woman are stimulated, many of them even being stimulated simultaneously.” (Bizimana N.)

Fingers are nimble, but they are also small. And some men’s fingers are a little tough and scratchy! But the beautifully contoured tip of the penis’ head is the perfect shape and size. And its ultra-smooth skin, which facilitates moistness, is the ideal texture to feel down there.

Female ejaculation is very common with Kachabali/Kunyaza. Sustained pleasure, that really honors a woman’s anatomy, will create an explosive outpouring. Floods, reportedly. She squirts to the point of reaching their stomach, chest, and (if they falter) their face. It has no color or smell of urine, although it comes out of the "button below the clitoris" - the urethra. “They all ejaculate their emotions,” says one interviewee.

In Rwanda Legend has it that a Queen of the Third Dynasty summoned a servant to have sex and he nervously tried. Then he had the idea of ​​rubbing the penis glans against her vaginal lips and her clitoris. The monarch bowed. Wisdom lies in humility and simplicity, isn't it?

“It all starts with the foreplay, you talk, caress, feel at ease, don't be in a hurry”, teaches a Rwandan in the film. The man holds his penis erect and dedicates himself to external stimuli using only his head: he taps all over the vulva, massages the vaginal lips, clitoris and perineum in different ways - circles, zigzag, from top to bottom.

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N. Bizimana Ph.D., Author of "Another way for lovemaking in Africa: Kunyaza, a traditional sexual technique for triggering female orgasm at heterosexual encounters." Sexologies (2010)

A column by Nathalia Ziemkiewicz, a journalist with a postgraduate degree in sexuality education and creator of the blog Pimentaria

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