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Coronavirus || Russian media hint the virus is a US "bio-weapon" programme.

Russia's Channel One host has linked the virus to US President Donald Trump, and claims that US intelligence agencies or pharmaceutical companies are behind it.

This Channel is unique in having a consistent overall thrust: that shadowy Western elites and especially the US are somehow ultimately to blame.

The report also claims that the US ran a laboratory in Georgia where it tested a biological weapon on humans. The Channel One correspondent then quotes online conspiracy theories that the novel coronavirus strain affects only Asians and could be some kind of "ethnic bioweapon".

He concedes that there is clear evidence refuting this, but adds suggestively: "Even experts who are cautious in their assessments say that nothing can be ruled out."

Coronavirus conspiracy theories have featured heavily on Channel One's main political talk show, Vremya Pokazhet (Time Will Tell) suggesting that various Western actors - pharmaceutical companies, the US or its agencies - are somehow involved in helping to create or spread the virus, or at least in spreading panic about it.

The aim is variously said to be - in the case of "Big Pharma" - to profit from creating a vaccine against the coronavirus or, in the case of the US, to hit the Chinese economy in order to weaken a geopolitical competitor.

The coronavirus outbreak in China has provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories and misinformation on the web everywhere.

The virus has caused shutdowns in the world's second-largest economy but investors appear to be ignoring it in the US, where markets are trading at record highs.

The death toll has crossed 900 in China, a total of 40,171 infections have been confirmed nationwide.

There is currently no vaccine against the Coronavirus but The World Health Organization's standard recommendations to prevent infections apply.

These include:

  • Regular hand washing, covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing or, failing that, with the crook of your arm.

  • Thoroughly cooking meat and eggs

  • Avoiding close contact with anyone showing symptoms of a respiratory illness, such as coughing or fever.

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