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Congolese villagers discover a whole mountain full of Gold.

Has the African Eldorado been found? Congolese Villagers get the biggest surprise after discovering a whole mountain full of Gold!

A video from Congo documents the biggest surprise for some villagers in this country, as an entire mountain filled with gold was discovered.

They dig the soil inside the gold deposits and take them to their homes in order to wash the dirt and extract the gold.

We were not able to verify if the video is authentic but what we know for sure is that DR Congo is endowed with minerals in abundance.

Congo is extremely rich in gold, diamond, copper, cobalt, tin, uranium, coltan and so many other precious mineral resources.

Congo is supposed to be one of the richest countries in Africa, but it is not. It is plagued with unending wars, misery and poverty. The prunder of Congo resources continues while its citizens remain in extreme poverty.

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