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Black people are sold as slaves in Lybia and the World is doing nothing about it.

An African from the Diaspora wrote on her Facebook wall 'Black people are sold as slaves in Lybia and the World is doing nothing'.

I told her, 'We are the world.

Did you write to your senator?

Did write to your congressman?

Did you go to your pastor, imam, or priest to ask what is he doing?

Did you write to the United Nations secretary-general?

Did you call a few friends to a gathering to think about what you can do?

Did you petition your government for action?

Did you walk into the building of a human rights association and threatened not to leave unless something is done? "

We are the world.

We are not powerless.

We are just too passive and insensitive, reducing all our actions to social media.

Most Black folks are all about talk and no action. Once it's time for action they pull out. The world disrespects us because we disrespect ourselves. We are our biggest enemies.

Activism without advocacy is entertainment and value posturing!

Credit: Mawuna.

Photograph: Dave Williams/Sound Ltd. ©The Guardian

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